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by Gowri Sivaprasad, VP of Engineering and India Country Head, YML

February 22, 2021

The standard scrum process created many decades ago was designed for a team that sits next to each other. This assumption underlies many of the rituals and terminologies used in the scrum process. For example, the term “daily standup meeting” presupposes that the team can just stand up and meet. As companies became global, teams became distributed across locations, countries and timezones.

Since Covid, many teams have also become fully remote, with everyone working from home. Distributed remote teams are still using the same scrum process…

This research was conducted in 2020 by YML, a digital product and design agency headquartered in Silicon Valley.

00. Progressive Web Apps: They Simply Work Much Better Than Your Typical Mobile Website.

When Pinterest replaced their mobile website with a progressive web app (PWA) they immediately saw tremendous lift across several important metrics:

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Source: A Pinterest Progressive Web App Performance Case Study

PWAs just work better than your typical mobile site. Period.

There is no shortage of success stories from nearly every industry vertical highlighting significant improvement in a wide variety of KPIs after PWA implementation:

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It never fails. When I tell people I work as a creative director at a digital agency, the next question is typically some version of, “so, what is it that you do exactly?”

Many people think a Creative Director’s role involves sitting in an ivory tower spouting design direction to their underlings. Others seem to think the role is obsolete, a relic of traditional ad agencies. While it’s true that the Creative Director often holds the keys to the proverbial creative gates, the modern day Creative Director’s role is more integrated, subtle, agile, and collaborative.

On a typical day, it…

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By Melissa Belongea, Content Strategist, YML

January 21, 2021

It’s 2021 and whether you believe in placebos or the positioning of the sun, the turn of a calendar year is a great excuse to breathe in fresh air. Especially after the past twelve months, what some might consider a breaking point — large shifts to daily life, historical social and civic unrest, extreme weather events, a highly consequential election cycle, and shaky transitions of leadership. Yeah, things are certainly progressing quickly, and we couldn’t be more excited.

As builders of technology products in a design-driven agency, we are constantly negotiating…

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By Marcela Lay, November 18, 2020

There is no question that customers’ expectations have changed and will continue to change during and after the pandemic. It used to be that the customer experience was the only way to differentiate your brand; now the challenge is not just about standing out, but reacting quickly to the changing customer expectations, innovating and transforming the business.

One thing is for sure; the COVID-19 crisis has accentuated a world in which digital has become central to every interaction. Consumer and business digital adoption has leaped five years forward in only a few months. …

10 years of progress in healthcare and technology equaled in just a few months. Discover what’s next.

by Jason Rzutkiewicz, SVP of Client Strategy, YML

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Every now and again society experiences seismic shifts. Now would be one of those times, as we see pivotal, decades-worth changes happening in the span of just a few months. Change is happening on all levels.

Jobs that weren’t possible to do remotely are now happening without missing a beat. People who have never used online grocery services now depend on it. Medical needs that couldn’t be met via a video visit now happen regularly. …

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by Ashley Heltne, Director of Client Engagement, YML

October 6, 2020

With the retail climate making a dramatic and immediate shift online in the past seven months, we, as digital makers and builders, have had an influx of clients asking the right questions:

  • How do I mirror the in-store experience, online?
  • How do we make it better?
  • How do we convert with the same enthusiasm as in-store?

When recently partnering with Thrive Market, an inherently digital marketplace, our team defined three key rules that are true of every successful online retailer. …

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by Joe Johnston, Creative Director + Co-Head of Studio at YML

Today, when shoppers are likely to be skittish about being in stores — if they visit at all — those who adapt using technology strategically and design intuitively will be better positioned to survive. More than just ordering online, digital solutions will have to consider every aspect of the business: operating logistics, employee safety, the use of physical space. And, if social distance becomes the new norm, how can technology connect humans for the better?

Contactless Shopping

While stores are quickly rolling out contactless payments due to COVID-19, many still use…

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Illustration by Sadhvi Konchada

Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. Discover how to build Fintech products that empower people, or risk becoming obsolete.

by Jason Reid Scott, Creative Director, YML

There was a time when finances felt vaguely ‘over there,’ locked behind buildings and accessible only via in-person encounters, the regular ATM visit, or a balance check over the phone.

Well, thanks to Fintech (online financial services and apps), a lot has changed in the past decade. Whether it’s buying fractional shares of expensive stock, getting approved for a loan in real-time, or transferring money to friends and family without breaking out a checkbook or visiting an ATM, new ways to grow and manage money directly have put the power in people’s hands…

How We Helped Universal Music Group Create The Future of Music

By Neil Stoeckle, Creative Director, YML

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How do you design a product for rockstars? Pop singers? Metal heads?

That was my, and my team at Y Media Labs’, challenge from none other than Universal Music Group just a few months ago. First, you have to understand what a modern musician is. From there, what makes the artists at Universal Music Group so unique.

Universal Music Group is arguably the largest, most talent filled music label in the business, representing Grammy winning artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Taylor Swift — the list goes on.

Artists join UMG…


YML is a design and digital product agency. We create digital experiences that export Silicon Valley thinking to the world.

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