Learn how to integrate Siri with your app thanks to Apple SiriKit

How Siri Works

To gain an understanding of how to implement SiriKit into your app, it’s important to understand how Siri works.

How Siri interacts with a messaging app

At the WWDC conference, we all saw video clips or images of how Siri can summon a messaging app without the user having to tap on the app’s icon. The question now becomes: how is this implemented, so that I could do the same if I own a messaging app?

How to implement Siri

Now that we know how Siri works, and that our application falls into one of the six eligible Siri domains, it’s time to explore how Siri is actually integrated into iOS.

Bringing it back to SiriKit

SiriKit integration is implemented as an extension in this same way, with a new class in iOS 10 called INExtension (Intents Extension), also known as the Intents Framework.

Visual user interface

At some points in the Siri interaction, users will see visual interface elements.

Designing a great user experience

Introduction to conversational interface design



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